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FSTDs are excellent tools for improving the benefits and effectiveness of training, while avoiding training-related accidents, maneuvering errors during simulated in-flight emergencies and reducing the risks associated with helicopter operations. FSTDs offer other advantages, such as extensive training scope and special maneuver training capability, 24/7 availability, all-weather conditions and progressive learning. FSTDs are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

6MOUV can certify its flight simulators to BITD, FNPT, FNPT2 MCC and up to FTD level 2.

The FTD is a replica of the real aircraft cockpit, both in shape and size, and in the detail of equipment and simulated procedures. Everything is just like the real cockpit, and the specific aircraft simulated. Such a flight trainer can be used for a type rating.

For other qualification levels, the simulator is built around a more generic cockpit, the pilot’s seat(s), flight controls, standard flight instruments, avionics, autopilot, knob… all the basic systems you’d find on the real thing …

However, the 6MOUV FNPT2 aircraft are closer to the simulated aircraft than required by EASA requirements. We believe that training pilots in an environment close to the cockpit is beneficial both in terms of duration and quality.



Routine operations for level 1 and 2 maintenance (as per NF X 60-010) will be carried out by the simulator operator’s competent personnel. These personnel will need to have the minimum mechanical and electrical skills to carry out these operations.

This staff will perform simulator start-up and shutdown, as well as preventive maintenance operations in accordance with the maintenance manual.

Before any further disassembly, the operator’s qualified personnel will request remote support and advice, which can be provided via the Hotline.

At your request, 6MOUV can set up a Hotline that guarantees you access to a priority call.

You will have a package of hours (rechargeable) of telephone support that we will allocate according to your instructions for :

  • Remote diagnostics support
  • Characterizing reported bugs
  • Corrective software updates
  • Flight control recalibration support
  • Additional training on request (Each training course will be described in advance and its duration estimated by 6MOUV )

The hours are measured by an electronic timer, which 6MOUV triggers when a call is taken, with a deductible of 5 minutes per call.

The management of bugs and their validation will be done in agreement with our team to validate the nature of the technical fact, the correction deadlines and the progress of the corrections. This management will give rise to a flat-rate deduction of 1 hour per month from the hours account.

For simple interventions, 6MOUV will provide the technician with a written list of points of attention and the tools required if they are critical. This list may become a procedure when 6MOUV deems this to be more appropriate.

For complex or risky interventions, 6MOUV provides real-time remote support.

6MOUV will keep an up-to-date record of maintenance operations declared and carried out by the operator.