Design and manufacture of flight simulators for professional use

Innovative simulators adapted to your needs

6MOUV offers innovative simulation solutions with excellent sensory immersion thanks to the expertise of 6MOUV’s software engineers, who pay particular attention to graphic realism.

Our know-how is based on solid experience and technological excellence, with a constant drive to improve and maximize the reliability of our systems, as well as our ability to integrate innovative technologies into our simulators.

L’agilité des équipes 6MOUV nous permet de réaliser l’intégralité du simulateur depuis la rédaction du cahier des charges jusqu’à sa qualification dans vos locaux. This modern training tool will allow you to significantly reduce the use of aircraft for ab initio training and crew requalification. This translates into substantial and sustainable savings in your carbon footprint.

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6MOUV designs and manufactures simulators for professional use aircraft and helicopters for major aerospace manufacturers, training schools or airlines, and can work with you to develop a technical solution for your simulator. (avion, hélicoptère, autres) avec de nombreuses options techniques qui permettront de composer l’entraineur de vol répondant à vos exigences de formation et celles de la qualification.

Discover our customized simulators

The specificity of 6MOUV, and what makes its strength, is its ability to design and produce everything on the simulator.

6MOUV offers flight simulators that can be certified to FNPT II, FNPT II MCC and FTD 2 levels.

The FTD is a replica of the real aircraft cockpit, in shape and size, as well as in the technical detail of the equipment and simulated procedures. Everything is like the real cockpit and the specific aircraft is simulated. Such a flight trainer can be used for a type rating.

For other qualification levels, the simulator is built around a more generic cockpit, the seats, flight controls, flight instruments, avionics, autopilot, knob… all the basic systems you’d find on the real thing… However, the 6MOUV FNPT II aircraft are closer to the simulated aircraft than required by EASA requirements. Nous croyons que la formation du pilote sur ​​un environnement proche du poste de pilotage est bénéfique à la formation et reste assurément un gage de sécurité.

For custom-made flight simulators, 6MOUV offers many options.


A specific know-how at your service

“Our goal is to meet your needs by providing you with the best priced flight simulator that meets your exact requirements

The 6MOUV team of experts is at your disposal to offer you a maximum of possibilities to create the flight simulator that suits you. These include:

  • Different visual systems
  • Flight models
  • Instrumentation: classic to glass cockpit
  • 3D database: from generic to high-resolution scenes
  • Creation of 3D objects (detailed airports, high-resolution areas, buildings, etc.)
  • Debriefing station

A Graphical Remote Instructor Station (GRIS) is integrated into the rear of the cockpit to allow the instructor to closely monitor and control the pilot’s actions.

6mouv professional flight simulators

A service offer for immediate efficiency

Delivery and Installation

the project team moves to install and perform a series of validation tests of the simulator. The requirements for the site hosting the simulator will be transmitted at the beginning of the project.


qualification remains a complex process. 6MOUV accompanies you to ensure the qualification in service of your simulator.


6MOUV offers a wide range of maintenance contracts to meet your needs and ensure a high level of availability.

In-Service Support

Our teams are always concerned about improving our simulators. The updates, the corrections of defects, or the requests for improvement can be managed remotely or during an annual visit (according to the maintenance formula).


To be efficient from the very first days 6MOUV proposes to realize a complete training package for your staff.

  • Maintenance training
  • Instructor training
  • Training for qualification
  • Database editing