Who we are

Founded in 2005 to build flight simulators for professional use, 6MOUV quickly demonstrated its capacity for innovation, notably through several patents for motion systems, and has built 3-axis aircraft simulators as well as 4-axis helicopter simulators.

6mouv premises

Over 15 years’ experience in customized flight simulators

In 2009, a strategic choice launched 6MOUV on the road to designing and manufacturing qualified simulators for pilot training.

Today, 6MOUV builds FNPT II MCC qualified helicopter simulators and also aircraft simulators with the dual qualification of MCC and FTD 2 FNPT II. Ces qualifications, notamment pour les aéronefs commerciaux, permettent d’exécuter les qualifications de type et la formation périodique des pilotes de la compagnie.

Over the last few years, 6MOUV has acquired a lot of know-how allowing it to be capable of building the entire simulator, including in-flight measurements if necessary, to create the flight model and comply with regulatory requirements (Flight loop, engine parameters, internal and external aircraft geometry and instrument model).

Since 2009, more than twenty simulators have been delivered. Building on this experience, 6MOUV’s team of engineers is constantly striving to integrate recent and mature technologies to improve the quality and reliability of our products.

Examples of simulators produced: Socata TB 20, Robinson R 22, Beechcraft B 200/1900, Airbus helicopters: EC 120, H 125, AS 350 B2/B3, H 215.


6MOUV’s DNA: agility, boldness, innovation

Our goal is to offer innovative solutions, the best sensory immersion with graphic realism and an excellent pilot/instructor environment.

6MOUV designs and manufactures simulators for professional use aircraft and helicopters for major aerospace groups, French and foreign armed forces, training schools and airlines, and can work with you to develop a technical solution for your simulator. (avion, hélicoptère, autres) avec de nombreuses options techniques qui permettront de composer l’entraineur de vol répondant à vos exigences de formation et celles de la qualification.