From blank sheet to qualification

The strength of 6 MOUV is its ability to design and produce everything on your simulator:

  • Cockpit
  • Flight instruments and their connections
  • Visual
  • Instructor’s cabin
  • Simulation software
  • Technical preparation and support for qualification

The flight model is also produced by the 6MOUV teams, who make numerous variations and enhancements to both the tools (vectors) and the visual databases.

6mouv simulator

Complete control of the simulator

The team, entirely dedicated to your project, designs the 3D, 2D plans and printed circuits. They manufacture their parts, monitor the quality of subcontractors and suppliers, and solder and test their printed circuits, all within the constraints of the project. Overall control of the simulator, from initial needs analysis to installation and maintenance, allows our teams to offer simulators that meet the specific requirements of each client.

A combination of skills at your service

The spectrum of 6MOUV’s technological capabilities is vast: simulator design, assembly, integration, testing and maintenance. This includes both software and hardware activities.



  • System: complete definition of the entire simulator, using CAD systems
  • Software: flight model, visual database, 3D visualization, microcontroller programming, network communication, ARINC bus interface, Ethercat, Modbus and other specific interfaces
  • Subcontracting: a network of local partners for equipment manufacturing
  • Equipment: production tools (backlit instruments, custom plastic or metal parts, laser cutting, 3D printing, 4-axis machining, electrical assemblies)
  • Visual system: design, development and installation of immersive visual systems (multi-channel or cylindrical up to 260° x 60° field of view)

6MOUV propose des scènes hautes résolutions (2,5m pour les zones ayant une haute résolution et jusqu’à 20cm sur des zones spécifiques) et offre des effets visuels très immersifs avec notamment des ombres, des reflets, de la fumée, l’effet de souffle rotor (poussière, eau, neige), des nuages, l’éclairage, …

Our team offers in its catalog a large number of 3D objects such as oil platforms, yachts, accident scenes, confined areas, wind turbines, gas pipelines, …


6MOUV offre de larges possibilités de qualification des simulateurs de vol du BITD, FNPT, FNPT II MCC jusqu’au FTD niveau 2.

The“Qualification Test Guide” – QTG – with the validation data are supplied with the flight models to be certified. These documents will be fully compliant with national regulations.

The 6MOUV offer integrates an automatic test procedure to play most objective tests. It also allows archiving, dating and comparison to QTG validation data.

6MOUV will ensure that all rounds of QTG testing are performed in accordance with regulatory standards and that the customer is trained to independently complete annual reassessments.

Instructor station

The GRIS (Graphical Remote Instructor Station) console manages and supervises all the functions of the flight simulator.

Located behind the pilots, the instructor has screens and a console to manage the following functions:

  • Implementation (launch, temporary stop, complete stop).
  • Fault injection (instruments, controls, engine).
  • Management of weather conditions
  • Flight tracking
  • Scenario management

This system allows an easy training follow-up for each flight, for each instructor and each student by naming your flight, recording the session, storing the backup, either within the flight trainer, or on external storage (hard disk, USB key…)

With the scenario editor, the instructor can prepare different scenarios in advance, including many parameters such as weather and breakdowns. The rest will be exactly as planned.

Suivez le vol facilement depuis votre siège grâce aux instruments et aux fréquences radio.

Equipped with a diagnostic software, the flight simulator is permanently monitored, all key points are evaluated in real time to detect any anomaly to prevent.

Our engineers will have many ideas to make the instructor’s job easier and/or improve the students’ training, but you know better than us, what is useful for your training. Vous serez en permanence en contact avec notre équipe au cours de la phase de conception pour étudier ensemble avec intérêt l’ensemble de vos besoins.


To be effective from the very first days 6MOUV offers:

Maintenance training: A complete course to replace any major parts that may deteriorate during the life of the product. This also includes procedures for repairing components and a dedicated maintenance line. Depending on your needs, our courses can explore the details of repair procedures.

Une formation des instructeurs : Pour apprendre le fonctionnement de l’IOS (Instructor Operating Station), les raccourcis, les fonctions basiques et complexes, tels que la programmation de nouveaux scénarios de missions, créer, éditer et enregistrer des fichiers pilotes, replays et enregistrements pour les débriefings.

Qualification training: To learn how to perform annual qualification tests and update the QTG accordingly. This includes the help of the related software, but also the execution of automatic and manual procedures

Editing the database: Learn how to improve the database, adding specific objects useful for your training (for example, your building, new obstacles…)