Visual System

Visual System

Link video : Enriched Area.

6MOUV is proud to offer the most beautiful visual system on the market. We are using a high definition projection device that creates a perfect visual picture as wide as 4200 x 1050 until even up to 6000 x 1920 px.

6MOUV is offering the most encompassing, including high definition 3D environment with a range of 210° x 50°.

6MOUV provides height resolution sceneries, 2.5m for high resolution areas. Can be improved to 20cm on some specific zones. Visuals effects that are truly immersive with superior rendering shadows, reflections, smoke, downwash effect (dust, water, snow), clouds, lighting...

6MOUV offers a large amount of 3D objects that you will be able to choose in our catalogue , oil rigs, yacht, accident scenes, confined areas, wind turbines, pipelines...

Room a concern? We offer several alternatives to fit your need.

6MOUV masters all aspects of that technology and assures the highest quality in resolution, projected transition, contrast, lightness and brightness.

To ensure the best visual rendering and protection, 6MOUV can close completely the visual environment that ensures the complete immersion of the pilot, total darkness, better temperature control and dust protection.