Motion System

Motion System

6MOUV can propose flight simulators with motion or vibration systems.

6MOUV technology encompass motion systems. These units are usually highly demanding in technology and therefore very expensive. The well known “Hexapod” or “Stewart table” based on 6 hydraulic or electric jacks has been used on most full flight simulators for decades. Today this technology is criticized because of its cost but also because pilot immersion is already extremely high with the quality of the visual systems, furthermore tests from well known labs have shown no advantage to use motion based simulators.

6MOUV owns several patents regarding the mechanization of simpler 3-axis and 4-axis table, which can be used to build low cost motion platforms, while using high duty reliable industrial motors.
Cooperation with research laboratories has been done to compensate their technological limitations and to innovate with new non linear cueing motion laws to lure the visuo vestibular human perception.
The result is extraordinarily performant.

6MOUV have built these platforms and have demonstrated the mastering of the complete motion chain, including mechanical, high power controls, detectors in high electromagnetic disturbed environment, vibrations, safety and software. We know what to specify, where are the critical specifications, to the benefit of our customers.

Today, if a customer wants to add a motion system, 6MOUV can propose the most suitable motion system to his needs. For heavy cockpits, we might possibly suggest third party Hexapods.