Instructor Station

Instructor Station

The instructor station called the Graphical Remote Instructor Station – GRIS – ensures the management and follow up of all flight simulator functions.

Main Characteristics

The GRIS is composed of 2 wide screens, optionally with a mix of regular computer screen and tactile. 6MOUV is using the latest screen technology and size (usually over 20”) to ensure the best comfort for the instructor.

Located behind the pilots, the instructor uses screens and a console to manage all functions such as:

  • - Simulation start, stop and freezing
  • - Setting failures
  • - Setting weather conditions
  • - Flight follow-up
  • - Scenarios
  • - And many more

Name, record, save and store

You can get an easy training follow up for each flight, for each instructor and for each student by naming your flight, recording the session, and then storing it, either on the computer or an external drive.

Prepare in advance your scenario

With the scenario editor, the instructor can prepare in advance different scenarios, involving many parameters like weather and failures. Everything would then happen in the order as requested in the determined timeline.

Students follow-up

The instructor can print and archive all flight details for each student, including any instructor remarks. Thus creating an accurate follow-up in the training process.

Instrument Replica

Follow the flight easily from your seat thanks to the instruments and radio frequencies replicas.

Map & approach chart

Forgot your maps! Don’t bother they are already there. VFR map and IFR approach charts are displayed promoting paperless work..

Maintenance watch-over

Equipped with diagnostic software the trainer is permanently supervised , all key points are assessed in real time (voltage, data, …) to detect any coming anomalies in advance.

Deported instructor station

Want to be free to get closer to your student. Grab the wireless PC Tablet linked via Wifi connection and control your lesson remotely.

Special functionalities

We have many ideas that facilitate instructor work and/or enhance student training, but you know better than us what is useful for your training. Talk to us! It is our pleasure to study any idea and provide the best answer to make it a reality.