General Facts

General Facts

Simulating helicopter dynamics is much harder than fixed-wings aircraft, due to the complex aerodynamics motion induced by the rotor blades, with vortices, turbulence and separated flow.
For the new pilot too, controlling the helicopter is somewhat tricky as the free motion is generally not stable. Many unusual effects are the subjects of detailed courses and training.

The simulation program has to accurately reproduce all the different effects such as ground effect, downwash, vortex ring, turbulence, and demand high class engineering.

6MOUV has gathered and developed its expertise to produce state-of-the-art professional helicopter simulators qualified by EASA and FAA.
The current technology can be applied to qualification ranges from EASA FNPT II to FTD level 2 (FAA Level 5 to 7), with or without motion.

For custom-made flight simulators, 6MOUV offers many options:
  • - Generic flight model, piston engine, mono-turbine and twin-turbine, to cover all training needs.
  • - Visual system configurations and technologies can be choosen to suit your needs.
  • - Instrumentation from classical to glass cockpit displays.
  • - 3D database from generic to high resolution scene over large ranges.
  • - IOS from simple instruction functions, to detailed equipments and systems malfunctions and full recording of the pilots session and replay on a dedicated debriefing station.

"Our goal is to fit your needs by many means, define your will, we can surely make it true"