Based on your needs, we offer several levels of qualification for your simulator from BITD, FNPTII, FNPTII / MCC up to FTD level 2.

The qualification process enables schools to get credit hours for its training, and can only be requested by the operator itself. However, 6MOUV support you during all the process, and you will benefit from of our knowledge and experience to help as much as possible in that critical process.6MOUV knows really well the process and has never failed to accomplish the qualification.

A Qualification Test Guide – QTG – with validation data is provided with any flight models that request qualification. These documents will fully comply with your national regulation and authorities.

Every 6MOUV flight simulator is provided with an automatic process enabling to run all the “objective tests”, and to record, store and date them as well as to accurately check any differences with the validation data.

6MOUV will ensure that all QTG test runs are performed in accordance with regulatory standards and that know-how transfered to customers is fully warranted to enable users to independently accomplish annual re-evaluations.