6M502H (EC120)

6M502H (EC120)


Qualifiable at EASA FNPT II level.


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The EC120B/6M502H flight simulator has been designed to improve crew skills, situation awareness and decision making. The level of replica of the cockpit is accurate and provides pilots with a realistic training value for :

  • - Instrument Rating (IR)
  • - Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • - Cockpit and instruments familiarization
  • - Initial Pilot Training (pre-flight, cockpit check, engine start, …)
  • - Basic flight procedures Training
  • - Navigation procedures
  • - Initial Pilot Evaluation
  • - Flight safety awareness : bad weather, low visibility, reaction in case of a Vortex, decision making
  • - Training for specific missions (take off / landing on confined areas, oil rig/platform, different types of helipads, elevated landing area)

Training credit can be up to 30 % of ab-initio flight hours (ATPL integrated)

Technical features

- Cockpit Full scale replica : The EC120 Cockpit is especially accurate and is fitted with :

  • - Dasboard : dual ASPEN PFD/ND rehosts, Pressure Altimeter, VSI, Warning Panel, Stand-by ADI, Emergency Switch, Airspeed indicator, NF/NR indicator, Clock, VEMD, GNS430, ELT Switch
  • - Pedestal : GTN750 and LACU
  • - Overhead panel  : Rotor brake and fuel cut-off levers, pilot/copilot lamps and standby compass
  • - Flight seats 

- Flight Controls : Dual flight controls with EC120 cyclic and collective grips replicas and a 4-axis active control loading system provided realistic force feedback on the controls.

- Visual display : 210° x 50° cylindrical display using WUXGA projectors and warping/blending functions.

- Detailed visual cues : Realistic reproduction of numerous flight conditions in real time (IFR, weather conditions, sun/moon lighting).

- Instructor Operator Station (IOS) : Semi open instructor deck. Designed to control all instructional functions : weather conditions, environment and simulated aircraft malfunctions. Flight navigation follow-up uses terrain and airport maps.

- Superior pedagogical tool : Recording of the entire training session for interactive and customized debriefings.


Navigation database : translated from Jeppesen.

Visual Data base :

  • - Terrain  : 2.5m for high resolution areas. Can be improved to 60cm on some specific zones
  • - 3D Objects  : oil rigs, yacht, accident scenes, confined areas, wind turbines, pipelines, ...
  • - Superior rendering  : shadows, reflections, smoke, downwash effect (dust, water, snow), clouds, lighting, ...