AS350 (6M500H)

AS350 (6M500H)


Qualified at EASA FNPT level 2 by french DGAC.


Eurocopter Training Services.

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Aures Aviation.


The AS350/6M500H flight simulator has been designed and adapted to cope with requirements issued by the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST). In particular, 78% of helicopter accidents in Europe between 2000 and 2005 were due to human error, especially pilot's decision making. Furthermore decision making and mission planning represent respectively 35% and 33% of all accidents.

The flight simulator aims at improving crew skills, situation awareness and decision making. This innovative solution provides pilots with a realistic training, which generates distinctive flight scenarios.

In addition to the standard CPL licence course, where the FNPT2 qualification gives a training credit of 35 flight hours, the simulator is adapted to the following uses :

  • - Emergency procedures : Training in various emergency procedures, such as Engine Flame Out, Autorotation,Vortex Ring State, Hydraulic System Failure or Total Electric Failure during night flight
  • - VFR/IFR procedures : Operating in bad weather conditions and practicing more complex instrument approaches
  • - EMS : Experiencing landings on hospital helipads and rescue people in mountains, urban or confined areas
  • - Mountain Flight : Learning to apprehend a mountainous environment with helicopter degraded performances
  • - Degraded Visual Environment : Training to critical situation in low visibility with bad weather recovery, unusual positions and spatial disorientation

Technical features

  • - Full scale replica : The AS 350 B2/B3 Cockpit with Radio Altimeter, HSI, RMI, Artificial Horizon, ILS, VEMD, GPS GNS 430, DME, IFF
  • - Controls : Dual flight controls, sticks grips (AS350 aircraft replicas), control loading systems simulating hydraulics failures
  • - Visual displays : 48° vertical x 160° horizontal field of view
  • - Detailed visual cues : Realistic reproduction of numerous flight conditions in real time (IFR, weather conditions, system failures)
  • - 3D Objects : Specific 3D modeling of visual objects such as oil rigs, helipads and ships
  • - Instructor Operator Station (IOS) : Designed to control all instructional functions : weather conditions, environment (e.g.: mountain, sea, airport, offshore, days / nights transitions) and simulated aircraft malfunctions
  • - Superior pedagogical tool : Recording of the entire training session for interactive and customized debriefings


Navigation database : national aeronautical services such as SIA for France, Jeppesen in other cases, is updated every three months (EASA standards).
Visual Data base :

  • - Terrain : 2.5m for high resolution areas. Can be improved to 60cm on some specific zones.
  • - 3D Objects : oil rigs, yacht, accident scenes, confined areas, wind turbines, pipelines, ...
  • - Superior rendering : shadows, reflections, smoke, downwash effect (dust, water, snow), clouds, lighting, ...